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Seller's Listing Inspection

A listing inspection helps you attract more potential buyers and helps you sell your home faster! With so many homes on the market today you need to set yourself apart from the rest. Providing a copy of the inspection report shows you're serious about selling a quality home!

10 Reasons to Have a Listing Inspection

  1. Having your home inspected allows YOU to choose who inspects your home so you're not at the mercy of the buyers inspector
  2. By being present you can answer questions BEFORE the final report is written
  3. If issues arise YOU pick what contractor makes repairs or you can adjust your price accordingly
  4. Fixing problem items means you can ASK TOP DOLLAR!
  5. Your overall transaction time may be shorter because the buyer may skip their inspection
  6. Providing a report allows potential buyers to understand the condition of your home before they place an offer and NOT WASTE YOUR TIME
  7. By understanding the condition of your home you can sell it "as is"
  8. You won't be suprised if there are any issues
  9. Providing a copy of the report is a GREAT MARKETING TOOL!
  10. If the home you're purchasing is within my service area you will receive 20% off my inspection fee for that home

FREE Yard Sign - Instant Curb Appeal

Your home will instantly stand apart from the rest of the homes for sale with this free, eye catching yard sign that shows your home has already been inspected. A buyer's curiosity will peak with interest on what the condition of the house is. This is sure to increase foot traffic!


FREE Safety Brochures

Keeping your family's safety in mind, I provide every client with brochures covering proper smoke and carbon monoxide alarm placement.





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