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Got Mold?

Yes you do!

How much and is it growing are the real questions to ask!

Mold spores are in the air we breathe, on the food we eat and in the homes we live in. The problem begins when spores land on a moist surface they can digest. Once they're wet they grow, destroying the material they're eating. Whether it insulation, wall board, structural or decorative wood or products in dust.

Today's homes are "tighter" and more energy efficient. The downside to this is houses don't "breathe" and excess levels of mold spores remain inside.

What Can You Do?

Have a Mold Screening Inspection to determine what types of mold spores are in your home and to determine if the level of spores inside your home is elevated as compared to the outdoors.

A comprehensive screening begins with an inspection of the home to determine if there are leaks from water pipes, drains and fixtures; seepage or cracks in the foundation; poor flashing on the roof; leaks around windows and doors; or if there is excessive condensation.

If mold-like substances are identified direct samples are taken to determine that it is in fact mold, what type of mold it is, and what the related health hazards are.

Regardless if visible mold is observed, air samples are taken to detemine if levels of mold spores inside the home are elevated as compared to the outdoors.




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