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Offering Residential & Commercial Property Inspections and Environmental Testing In Illinois & Wisconsin


Inspector Services Group has recognized us as experts in the home inspection process. You can be confident you will receive exceptional service!



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We are still offering all services!

Upon request we will wear a mask and gloves during an inspection!


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911 Home Inspection Services is a full-service home inspection company offering many types of inspections and environmental testing to fit your needs. We are dedicated to providing you the best service possible at the most reasonable rates in the industry. We offer all services 6-7 days a week for your convenience.

The Reality

No two home inspectors are alike. Just as there are experienced and inexperienced mechanics, carpenters, doctors and lawyers, the same holds true for home inspectors. Some home inspectors, believe it or not, don't even have a construction background. Would you trust a surgeon who only read the books but never performed actual surgery? Would you let the tire guy do a major engine overhaul? Of course not. Then don't rely on a home inspector that has never done construction! Our owner, Michael Ofsanik, has over 20 years of hands-on construction experience and our inspector Ron Cass has been a union carpenter for 30 years. Both of them know how a home is supposed to be built. They can readily identify where DIY homeowners, carpenters and other tradesmen cut corners.

Michael was also a career firefighter and fire investigator - that's where the "911" comes from. No other home inspector can offer this insight. He has instilled his knowledge while training Ron so he knows what areas to be concerned with too. This has been proven time and time again in areas of inspections only they seem to be concerned with. Other inspectors don't know what to look for or have disclaimers in their reports telling you why they don't inspect these very important areas. Your home is not safe unless you can be alerted to a problem and have the ability to escape with your life!

We also won't sell you unnecessary services. Many inspectors use scare tactics to persuade clients to perform unnecessary testing, adding hundreds of dollars to the tab. If there is a reason for a particular test our inspector will explain why and let you make an educated decision.

Every home inspection meets or exceeds the standards of the InterNational Association of Certified Home Inspectors (INACHI) and the State of Illinois or Wisconsin. Read our Standards of Practice at for details.




Michael Ofsanik - Owner / Inspector




Our Promise To You

We understand choosing the right home inspector can be difficult and you probably won't get to meet us until after you hire us. One thing for sure is that a thorough inspection or test requires work, a lot of work. The end result relies solely on the individual inspector's own effort. If you permit us to conduct your inspection or testing we promise we will give you our very best effort.

Ron Cass - Inspector


FREE 90 Day Home Warranty - A $2500 Value!

Every buyer receives a Free 90 Day Warranty that covers up to $2500 in qualifying repairs.

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FREE Safety Brochures

Every client receives brochures covering proper smoke and carbon monoxide alarm placement because safety starts at home!

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